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   About us

is a technology market research consultancy company providing electronic engineering design professionals with the market and technology information, analysis, tools and advise. We go through huge information/data storm generated more or less daily on internet and other digital sources.

Our services help you to keep upfront in the knowledge domain of your choice of electronics. We assure a market coverage of near 100% of your field, otherwise, this means nothing important missed.

Our range of services include,

Market research analysis reports on semiconductor ICs and other electronic components.

We provide technology and Market analysis reports on Semiconductor ICs and other electronics devices/component categories, sourcing intelligence reports, lifecycle analysis, supply/demand trends. We also take up customized market research projects related to electronic industry.

Design Services:

Short-time bound electronics design projects can be successfully completed by choosing our design services. We offer non-core design services such as component selection, documentation, data analysis, testing, and customer support. We also provide core design services in selected areas.

Bill of Material Analysis:

Providing sourcing and technical information (buying source, cross reference, life cycle data, technical specs, etc.) of electronic components listed in the Bill of Materials(BOM). We also offer technical literature preparation services.

EMITT Solutions is headed by Srinivasa Reddy N, who had held key positions while working at Global Sources, and ASPECT Develpoment (presently merged with IHS group). Srinvas is not only technology expert in the semiconductor and electronic component market but also has indepth experience in market research.

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