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EMITT Solutions offer below services in Semiconductors and Electronics field:

• Complete market research services of the market your company serving or planning to enter by both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

• Complete content management services including storing of content, creation of content, and presentation of content.

• Technical article creation, blogging services, and social media management. Can support in writing effective techno driven business stories, white papers, case studies, manuals and any such marketing and technical literature of your company’s products and businesses.

• Digital marketing services offering complete marketing management of digital content: Involving content creation, market study, social media handling covering search engine optimization and all the digital marketing related activities.

• Component engineering services offering bill of material analysis, component specifications and reliability-data management, and also re-engineering of obsolete parts/subsystems of your electronic systems.

• Create monthly and quarterly reports on latest market technology trends in your product domain. Where we come and present the reports in power-point format at your office to your staff so that they get updated about latest happenings in the industry.

• We provide training in component engineering services in procuring components and its specification data in a effective cost optimized manner.

About Founder:
Srinivasa Reddy N
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Srinivasa Reddy N started his career as an electronics hardware design engineer in the early 90s in a company called Multitech Developments, where he developed telecom terminal equipments, low capacity switches and industrial power electronics systems. He also executed outdoor turnkey installation projects while working in a company called Concept Electronics.
Equipped with electronics design knowledge, joined U.S. based component engineering information company called Aspect Development in 1995 ( acquired by IHS, which is now part of S&P Global) delivering market research and analysis of electronics and semiconductor industry, and later expanded into content management and tech journalism while working at Global Sources in Hong Kong and Manila.

In 2002, Srinivas founded a small-scale services company called EMITT Solutions in Bangalore offering market research services, component engineering services including Bill of Material analysis, online electronics engineering education content and tech journalism. A few hardware electronics design projects were also executed related to re-engineering of electronic systems in industrial electronics. Headed high-level management of software development projects for internal use at EMITT Solutions. Srinivas completed B.E. in Electronics in 1991 from RV College of Engineering.

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