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Global Semiconductor Market Research 2015

The Global Semiconductor Market Research Analysis Report 2015 by EMITT Solutions provides detailed market and technology analysis of global semiconductor industry.

Report contents:
1. Worldwide semiconductor market
a. Past Highlights
b. Present Figures
c. Future Predictions
2. Detailed semiconductor vendor ranking:
a. Global top 100 Tier1 and Tier2 semiconductor vendors
b. Tier3 semiconductor analysis (other than the top 100):
c. The stars in the Tier 3
d. The sinking ships in all tiers
3. In-depth analysis of each of the top 25 fast growing semiconductor vendors:
4. The three models:
a. Fab Heavy Merchant Chipmakers
b. Fab Light Merchant Chipmakers
c. Chip Foundries
d. Fables Semiconductor Companies
e. Electronics companies designing own chips
5. Product Market Analysis:
a. The Digital Chip Market
b. Analog Mixed-signal Chip Market
c. SOC Chip Market
d. RF Wireless Chip Market
e. IOT Chip Market
f. FPGA Market
6. Post-Silicon: Compound Semiconductor and other trends
a. Nanometre race
b. 450 MM analysis
7. Application Market Analysis
a. Automotive
b. Mobile Communication
c. Wearable and IOT
d. Industrial
e. Computers and Servers
f. Aerospace and Defence
g. Consumer Electronics
h. Medical Electronics
I. Others
8. Geographical analysis of semiconductor market
a. US semiconductor market
b. Europe semiconductor market
c. Japan semiconductor market
d. China semiconductor market
e. Southeast Asia semiconductor market
f. India semiconductor market
g. South America semiconductor market
h. Taiwan Semiconductor market
i. South Korea semiconductor market
j. Others
9. Semiconductor component distribution trends
10. Semiconductor component marketing trends
11. Semiconductor component customer support trends
12. Obsolete/life-cycle issues of IC components
13. Counterfeit duplicate part issues in semiconductor market
14. Specific technology trends:
a. X86 versus ARM processor core
b. Open source software influence on semi market
c. Monolithic versus system on module/system in package
d. Influence of EDA tools in the semi market
e. Third-party silicon IP reuse
f. Economic valuation of IP patents in semi market
g. Increasing importance of audio and video processing
h. Security features in a chip
i. Commoditisation of semiconductor manufacturing
j. Strategic importance of semiconductor chips for regions
k. The China factor and India factor
l. Non-silicon future path
15. The top 10 best markets for the next 2 to 3 years
16. The top 10 vendors for the next five years
17. The top 10 strategic technologies for the next five years
18. The top 5 geographical markets for the next five years
19. The top 10 business innovations
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