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Global Market and Technology Analysis Report on Semiconductor Devices - 2023

Global semiconductor market shift to automotive and AI systems in 2023

Date: 17/08/2023

With consumer, computing, communications saturated, semiconductor industry focuses on automotives which can easily lead to next emerging field of AI powered robotics and drones and such self driving physically moving modern machines. AR/VR headset based spatial computing is estimated to grow exponentially, however it has some hurdles to cross before taking off. Medical and aero/defense remains a stable market, but has some tough entry walls to scale. AI powered cloud computing is growing exponentially and is dominated by well established players.

Though PC and Smartphone market consuming billions of chips every year, these two market are crowded with less profit margin and hardly any growth. There is no separate consumer electronics market now due to its features integrated into desktop, notebook and Smartphone. Even the smart TV market is no big and growing market. Spatial computing started emerging but it not going to see growth immediately.

Due to EV growth, automotive has emerged as big market opportunity witnessing double digit growth every year. AI chips enabling ADAS systems for self driving cars, and is emerging as one of the the fast growing market in electronics and semiconductors.

Let's look at key semiconductor market figures:

Totally global electronics hardware market revenue is estimated in the range of US$ 2 trillion in the year 2023. The total global semiconductor market in the year 2023 estimated in the range of 550- 600 billion US dollars.

Personal computers constitute 15% of total semiconductor market. Smart phones contribute a market share of 20%. Consumer electronics such as televisions take a share of 10%. The third big chunk of share is from automotive market which takes around 17%. Server computers take up 5% of semiconductor market and is the fastest growing market in 2023. High-rel electronics such as aerospace and defence take a share around 8%. Telecom networks base stations and such non edge telecom market constitute around 7% of semiconductor market.

The key trends the semiconductor market include:
Developing cutting-edge AI chips
Compound semiconductors
Advanced semiconductor packaging based integration
Developing chips using open source resources
Geopolitical influenced market trends
Deep collaborations in the industry

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