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Technology revolution, global supply chain and economic uncertainties, extended life cycle, environmental compliances, etc., are causing unprecedented component selection challenges. Identifying the right components and supply chain partners can make the difference between success and failure.

Quicker selection of components is critical to develop products that meet time-to-market, manufacturability and profitability while avoiding obsolescence, compliance and counterfeit risks.

Smartphone Design - Bill of Materials (BoM)
Smartphone manufacturers (OEMs) need better components (semiconductor chips, sensors, panels, touchscreens, etc.,) to feature in their products in order to suffice the growing demand.

The important hardware features in a smart phone device depends on:

· Connectivity (3G or 4G networks, WLAN, DLNA, infrared, bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi,...)
· Chipset - CPU, GPU (faster processing)
· Sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity, ..)
· Form-Factor (slimmer designs, weightless)
· Touchscreen (high resolution)
· Audio (headphone and speaker)
· Memory (internal and external)
· Camera (primary and secondary)
· Battery (extended life)
· Protection systems

Keeping component selection and the risks involved in mind, we have researched in identifying several electronic components from the smart phones of leading vendors as well as the top component suppliers in the respective component category. We are presenting a complete BOM analysis report on smart phone to complement any ready reference smart phone designs you are developing.

Component categories covered:
· NAND flash memory
· Display panel
· Application processor (SoC)
· Touch panel
· Baseband processor
· Camera module
· RF and Front end module (FEM)
· Battery (Li-Ion / Polymer)
· High density interconnect (HDI) PCB
· Gyroscope / Accelerometer
· Combo-chip (Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / FM / WLAN)
· Power amplifier module (PAM)
· Power Management IC (PMIC)
· Touchscreen controller
· Camera lens
· LED driver (flash / backlight)
· CMOS Image sensor
· Electronic compass
· Microphone
· Audio codec
· Speaker
· IC Substrate
· NFC chip
· RF Transceiver
· Fingerprint sensor
· Display driver IC
· Antenna switch module (ASM)
· Barometric pressure sensor
· Audio amplifier
· RF switch
· Antenna tuner
· Ambient light / proximity sensor (ALS)
· Battery charger IC
· LTE modem
· Noise suppression / cancellation IC
· Envelope tracking (ET) IC
· Headphone amplifier
· Temperature sensor
· Haptics (tacktile) driver
· Power receiver
· Hall effect IC / switch
· OLED driver
· Speaker amplifier
· Optical image stabilization (OIS) driver
· Microphone ADC

Suppliers covered:
· Qualcomm
· Qorvo
· Samsung
· TI
· Maxim Integrated
· SK Hynix
· Skyworks
· Broadcom
· STMicroelectronics
· Cirrus Logic
· MediaTek

...and more than 70 other suppliers

We can provide designers a list of critical components and their suppliers which can be used for smartphone designs (for both, high-end and low-end models). This list has the potential to save huge amount of time and cost incurred in component selection. Also,

· Accelerate product development
· Negotiate favorable terms with preferred suppliers
· Enable designers to focus on designing activities
· Reduce the overall product engineering cost substantially

This report is priced at US$1200/- . Send email to nsr@emittsolutions.com to buy this report.

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