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Save time in finding semiconductor and other electronic components in activities such as finding detailed spefications, datasheet, alternate parts/cross reference, selecting device based on function, package information, technical analaysis, distributor data, price, lifecycle (obsolete end of life, active), improved version of the device, and specification comparison.

Provide us product description, functionality, part number, physical shape ( in case of connectors) and manufacturer. It can be anyone of this parameter or all (your BOM list). More the input information, faster will be our response. You can provide it any format but we will provide all the required data in an excel spread sheet, Access database or any other popular formats.

One of our sample output looks as below with all the information in one file.


You will save not only the time and money and also the stress involved in sourcing and finding components.

The benefits include,

  • No need to surf hours together looking for parts.
  • No need to make phone calls in search of the parts.
  • No need to regualarly visit websites for any announcements and changes.
  • No need to read chain of newsletters for product announcements.
  • No need to believe whatever the sales staff of any component supplier says.
  • You can concentrate on your core design.
  • Get the latest to-date information.
  • Save your time from datasheet scaning and reading.
  • Use only active and most recommended parts and get rid of obsolete and risky parts.
  • Improve the quality of your design.
  • Also save your internet bandwidth and other system resources.
  • We can also track the changes and update you once a quarter or any time frame you prefer at 15 % of the intial cost.
  • Have a clean reliable uptodate and complete information on your mousebuttons.
  • No other CIS database like IHS or partminer can give the the latest information as we give.

We also clean your unstructured legacy, multiformat data into single clean structured format. Our cost effective solutions are lot worth to try once and experience huge savings in cost.

We have provided this service to leading companies like Brooks Automation, VXL eTech, Solectron Centum, and many more.    


Smart Phone BOM: Reduce Component and Supplier Selection Risks for Smartphones

Technology revolution, global supply chain and economic uncertainties, extended life cycle, environmental compliances, etc., are causing unprecedented component selection challenges. Identifying the right components and supply chain partners can make the difference between success and failure.

Quicker selection of components is critical to develop products that meet time-to-market, manufacturability and profitability while avoiding obsolescence, compliance and counterfeit risks.

Smartphone Design - Bill of Materials (BoM)
Smartphone manufacturers (OEMs) need better components (semiconductor chips, sensors, panels, touchscreens, etc.,) to feature in their products in order to suffice the growing demand

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